Kevin Sheedy Greater Western Sydney AFLThe NRL might have employed Nathan Hindmarsh as Leagues face of the west and the current NRL stronghold has a long way before it’s dethroned, but at this stage AFL and Kevin Sheedy are proving to be extremely smart in their tactics.

At this stage, Sheedy and the AFL just want exposure – and they’re getting plenty of it.

Every jibe, tongue in cheek comment or intentional reference to the NRL draws attention and valuable real estate in NRL dominated Sydney newspapers.

Just look at both clangers from Sheedy this week.

The first, suggesting he had no idea who Nathan Hindmarsh was. An extremely smart and caluclating move, there is little doubt Sheedy probably knew of Hindmarsh – but his gesture that smacked of a little disrespect – instantly got headlines.

Several newspapers took the bait. Sheedy and the AFL get more Western Sydney exposure.

Then it was followed up by another beauty.

Sheedy soon claimed he wanted to be a member of all 4 Western Sydney NRL clubs. The Tigers, Eels, Penrith and Bulldogs.

It was soon Sheedy 2 – NRL 0, as the reporters again latched on to the comments and beat them up to generate more stories.

More exposure for the aging Sheedy and his new focus in the Greater West of Sydney.

The NRL needs to ignore Sheedy and refuse to comment in the future. Everytime the bait is laid out, the NRL keeps getting hooked.

And they’re playing right into the enemies hands.

By ricky

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