The latest headache for Knights boss Steve Burraston is the grilling he is copping from Knights sponsors NIB and McDonalds.

The situation for Newcastle is made even more dire, given their tough financial position in recent years. Should a sponsor walk away, it could have dire consequences for the club that doesn’t receive any direct Leagues club backing.

While in some cases any publicity is good publicity, in this instance it’s nowhere near ideal – with Health Insurance giant NIB and child-friendly McDonalds not the kinds of companies that would want any loose association with such negative headlines.

However, talks are continuing as Knight boss Burraston and his team work to ensure sponsors that the future will be much rosier.

“Both meetings held today were constructive and offered an opportunity for our sponsors to discuss a number of concerns.” said Burraston

“Our meeting with NIB was positive and we will now provide further information to assist with their internal discussions and the ongoing relationship between the two organisations.

“The meeting with McDonald’s was also fruitful and they are now considering the information we presented today.

“I’m pleased and thankful both sponsors gave us the opportunity to brief them today.” confirmed the Knights boss.

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