It seems even the Manly team-mates of Steve Matai are getting fed up with his antics, the Kiwi representative is apparently now performing his ‘cry wolf’ antics at training.

Click here to read our recent article on ‘Matai-watch’ – this was a follow up to a initial article on Matai’s constant on-field injury dramas last year.

Matai’s reputation was initially one of a hit-man, but its quickly turned to humpty-dumpty as the in-form centre continues to live in cotton wool around questionable injuries.

After supposedly having a serious injury during Monday nights game against the Titans, Matai was down receiving treatment and wriggling in agony, then suddenly jumped up in support as his team went on an attacking raid. Manly did score on that play, and rather than return to his treatment – Matai jumped with his team mates in celebration – seemingly forgetting the injury, but then quickly remembered to clutch at the problem.

Most think Matai is pulling the stunt to achieve penalties for his team, but referees and commentators alike have been a wake up to this for over 6 months.

Perhaps his pretend injuries are a ploy to get himself on lighter training duties through the week?

Now his ridiculous antics are causing flare up’s at Manly training.

Matai was running a training drill today in a ‘black shirt’ – indicating no contact from team mates. But apparently Glenn Stewart tackled him unknowingly and Matai lashed out in anger.

When asked about Matai, Hasler simply said it was a cork.

No wonder Stewart and the squad are fed up with the Kiwi centre. Anyone that cries at training over being accidentally hit on a cork – probably needs to have a good look at themselves.

The best thing for coach Des Hasler to do would be to get some former players to visit Matai and explain the pain they played through. Although it’s hard to imagine someone like John Sattler having any time for the likes of Matai, Sattler famously playing 80 minutes with a broken jaw.

At the moment, it seems Matai would call for a stretcher with even the hint of a toothache.

If he doesn’t sort this out quickly, it will continue to eat away at Manly team mates – who obviously have noticed what the public have been seeing for a long time.

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