With a full round of games in Round 10, we’re able to get a better view of how teams are performing – how is your NRL traveling in 2010?

1. Dragons – Flexed more muscle against the Bulldogs. Weathered an early onslaught and continue on their merry way. May find it tought during Origin time with stars out.

2. Panthers – Close to the biggest improvers in 2010. Remain high on the ladder and have a flashy attacking flair that worries every other side. Great signs at Penrith.

3. Titans – Went missing this week. Patchy form finally caught up with them. Might be the kick in the bum they needed.

4. Eels – After poor start to 2010, starting to warm-up. Have deflected expectations after stuttering early – could be blessing in disguise for this mob.

5. Souths – Turned on the afterburners against Wests. When they click they are unstoppable. Jury may still be out however.

6. Manly – Realised how much they rely on Foran. Hot heads Matai and Watmough costing in the discipline department. Traveling OK though.

7. Bulldogs – Sitting in 10th on the ladder, but are better than that. Pipped by Dragons, but have improved over early Rounds. Expect them to be right come business end.

8. Roosters – Caught off guard against Knights. Might be some worry in the camp, just can’t find consistency. At least Carney didn’t make Origin – and will help the club cause.

9. Warriors – Like the Roosters, hard to put finger on these guys – pumped a hapless Cowboys side, but need to show more.

10. Broncos – Have proved everyone wrong in the past few weeks. Aren’t out of contention at all, have enough ability to give the finals a shake.

11. Tigers – On the slippery slide. Apparent internal fighting, bad signs at Wests Tigers. Face crunch game on Friday. A must win situation.

12. Knights – Will suffer badly without Gidley on deck, too unstructured it seems to achieve consistency or make the Top 8 this year. Need some miracles.

13. Raiders – Struggling along, being unable to generate wins at home is killing them. Hard to see where it goes wrong – have talent and a strong fortress.

14. Cowboys – Totally in disarray. Is it really worth them resigning JT? Bowen back is a help, but they need more it seems.

15. Cronulla – Are basically seen as a park football side, not offering much. Could kill reputations in coming months.

16. Storm – Need skills in the courts to save their bacon. On field, playing well but for how long?

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