The recent statistics on NRL memberships while encouraging, show that NRL fans need to get real and actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their club.

While some clubs have experienced strong percetage growth in-terms of members, overall – the NRL still has shockingly low numbers when compared to the AFL. While the Sharks and Eels have experienced strong growth in member numbers for 2010, the Roosters and Warriors actually went backwards – which is astonishing.

It seems when it comes to opinion, comment, criticism and debate – so called NRL fans are there in big numbers wanting to have a say or spray about a topic in Rugby League that is important to them.

The recent Melbourne Storm scandal saw everyone and anyone come out and offer their ideas on how the game should move forward and what the penalties should be.

With State of Origin coming up, again, all the so-called hardcore fans debated the selectors choices for both New South Wales and Queensland. Some agreed with lineups, many complained about selections and positions.

But to put it bluntly – most NRL fans need to get real. Actually, many can’t reall be called fans – because only a small portion actually buy football club memberships.

We’re not talking to League’s clubs or the need to purchase season tickets for seats at everygame (which is optional) – the public can simply choose to buy a membership to their footy team, to show their true colours.

Are you a real fan, a member?

It’s an interesting test, next time you’re at work or down at the pub and your mate offers his opinion on a particular issue in League – challenge him. Say “Are you a member of your footy club?”

Chances are it will be no, especially in the Penrith area it seems. Sadly, the folks at the foot of the mountain are the least likely to purchase a membership to their club. This is a real shame, especially given how well the Panthers are performing at the moment.

It seems that Rugby League fans claim to be the most passionate, have the strongest opinions and are extremely loyal – but when it all boils down, they are simply too lazy to buy a membership to their club.

We’ve had some claim that membership is to expensive, a standard membership to a club costs anywhere between $30 and $70 dollars. Now, there are plenty of these so called fans – that will spend that money with a bookie, punting on an NRL game before they’ve even supported their club.

Even some of the Sydney clubs with the largest membership base are paltry when you compare it to other sports. The Bulldogs, Eels and Bunnies have a large share of members – but at around the 10,000 mark, this is no where what’s needed to support the clubs for real.

To those that actually have memberships, well done. You support the game, you own the game and your opinions are always valued.

Other so-called fans who seem to complain about everything, yet don’t even have a membership to their own club – need to ‘get real’ and support the club and game they apparently love.

So, are you a real-fan?

By ricky

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