In what proved to be a very lopsided affair, the Panthers have given the Bunnies a belting to officially end any chance the Bunnies had of making the finals after a 54-18 loss at CUA Stadium.

There were several stars on the night, but none other than Michael Gordon who broke two records in the Panthers rout. He broke Ryan Girdler’s record of most points by a Panther in a game with 30, and he also broke another record held by Girdler, which was the single season points record.

The match was effectively over at half time with the Panthers leading 40-0 to leave the Bunnies and their fans shell-shocked going into the sheds.

The win cements the Panthers spot in the top 4, and with this kind of form, you’d think that they would be able to beat any team should they play in the same way.

There was a sort of mini-revival from the Bunnies to restore some credibility, but even then it was too little too late, with the Bunnies going down by 36 points.

Several Panthers players stood up including halfback Luke Walsh who had a hand in 5 tries, as well as Travis Burns and Sandor Earl, both of whom scored doubles.

Souths coach John Lang had more to say about the Panthers exceptional game rather than the inept performance of his own side.

“They just blew us off the park…. it’s hard for me to work out at this stage whether they were that good or we were that bad or both”, said Lang, who also confirmed that in-form centre Beau Champion is out for the season with a broken leg.

Despite the Panthers rout, coach Matthew Elliott is keeping a cool head as his side as only won one of his past 6 game.

“It’s a good feeling sitting here not pretending to smile and having a real one”, says Elliott.
“I don’t think we’ve turned around just yet – I think we certainly steered the ship in the right direction but we’ve still got some more work to do”.

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