Despite a suspected broken collarbone to halfback Scott Prince, the Titans have prevailed at Skilled Park to solidify their top 4 spot with a 21-18 win over the Wests Tigers.

The signs initially didn’t look good for Prince who was forced off the field following a heavy tackle from Tigers prop Keith Galloway.

It didn’t look good initially with Scott Prince telling Titans trainer Trevor Gillmeister, “I think I’ve broken my collarbone”.

As Prince was cleared to return in the second half, many wondered whether or not he would still remain effective, and he showed that the pain didn’t do anything to stop him from setting up tries, after he put Kevin Gordon over the line in the 58th minute.

In what is expected to be the last home game for retiring stalwart Mat Rogers, the Titans saw their 13-0 lead evaporate, thus ruling out any possible chance of a home final.

With the Tigers already guaranteed a home final, they looked very flat in the first half, as the Titans came out all guns blazing, before the Tigers stormed back in the second half to reduce the deficit to a point at 13-12 in front of a 26,103.

The Tigers had a chance to win the game, but a Benji Marshall pass on the siren went out of touch, thus resulting in a loss for the Tigers.

The game wasn’t finished there however, with a push and shove between Benji Marshall, and Titans prop Matt White, almost resulting in an all-in brawl.

Despite having inspirational halfback return to the field, the Titans players were dropping like flies after both Brad Meyers, Ashley Harrison and Steve Michaels going off with rib, nose and AC joint injuries respectively.

“They were game ending injuries but we had to keep them out there,” Titans coach John Cartwright said.

Prince later confirmed that he did indeed suffer a injury, but that he played through the pain for the team.

“It was pretty sore. I thought the worst (when he came off the field) but the positive thing is that I can’t do any more damage,” Prince said.

“That puts me in a good frame of mind.”

Wests Tigers coach took heart from their second-half performance and praised his side for maintaining their superior points difference over the Titans.

“What could have gone wrong did in the first half,” he said.

“But credit to them, they came out and competed – they showed plenty of courage.”

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  1. thanks for the update guys becos out where we are,our TV Station can only show us one game per nite(unless you have sky)cos out in the islands,we cant really afford to see all the games,so we rely on you to find out the rest of the games during the week and find out the results of the other games…alot of good players have come from here in the Cook Islands(eg Zeb Taia of the Knights,Jeff Daniela of the Tigers and Carmichael Hunt and many more)and we love our footy,but its just that we dont get to watch footy like we wouldve loved to…so thanks guys for all the updates and you are all doing an awesome job….keep it coming!!!

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