Police investigating the NRL betting scandal have pinpointed several persons of interest in the NRL betting plunge that has rocked the sport.

As they draw closer to discovering the lynchpin behind the scandal, the mysterious schemes continue to be investigated by police as they attempt to discover more details about the scheme.

The investigations that police undertook into the clash that started all of the controversy, the Rd 24 clash between the Bulldogs and the Cowboys, have veered into another direction when NSW police came out and declared that reports that an outcome was imminent were false.

There are several new facts that that have emerged in the betting scandal, all of which will continue to be investigated, and all of which will be listed below.

Three Cowboys players, who will remain nameless for the time being for legal reasons have been named in material obtained by NSW State Crime Command detectives.

There were a number of bets placed on the Cowboys for them to kick the first penalty goal of the match, with bets being placed at two North Queensland locations, including a club based in Townsville.

Racing NSW Chief Ray Murrihy, who has tabled his own independent report to the NRL, has revealed that he was able to clearly identify certain individuals captured on CCTV footage placing numerous bets at a TAB outlet.

Money that has been directly linked to the Cowboys-Bulldogs clash has also been directly associated with New Zealand, not necessarily the team though.

A top-level source from police headquarters has said that there are several persons of interest in the betting plunge.

The source wouldn’t confirm however if those involved were NRL players, but crime detectives have received an email outlining eight individuals all involved in the betting plunge.

Three of those named are players from the Cowboys, but Club Football Operations chief Peter Parr has angrily denied that anyone at the club was involved in the entire betting plunge.

Murrihy has said that he has successfully identified several individuals from the CCTV footage. If the footage is truthful, it reveals that a former high profile player is also involved in the betting plunge, though he strongly denies any involvement in the scandal.

When asked of the possibility as to whether or not NRL players are involved in the scandal, Murrihy said: “I won’t go down that track. What I will say is that the betting requires deeper investigation. We were able to identify a number and the remaining ones I’d suspect the police would identify them.”

A Sydney radio station, Triple M published the text message on their website, specifically blanking out the names of all of those involved in the scandal.

Cowboys Football Operations Manager Peter Parr has refused to comment on any allegations that may implicate his players in the scandal because the investigation into the betting plunge is still ongoing.

“The game has been referred to the police by the NRL,” Parr said.

“As a result of that, I can’t comment on anything at all.”

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