Whilst many are angered at the current two referee system, the system appears to have been given the nod of approval to remain after it was given glowing endorsements.

Right after making the announcement that Shayne Hayne and Tony Archer would ref in the grand final this week, NRL Referees boss Robert Finch came out and stated that if only one referee was in charge, the game would be too fast for them to monitor and they would miss crucial decisions and plays regularly.

He believes that refereeing is one of the toughest working environments in the NRL, but admits that the two ref system has taken some of the pressure off the whistle-blowers and made their job easier.

“I can’t envisage any other system that meets the demands of the modern game,” Finch said on Tuesday.

“The pace of it, the intensity of it, the demands of it, the physical pressure the modern game puts on referees – and their ability to make decisions under that sort of pressure – there is no other model that will take the game forward other than two referees.”

Asked if he believed the two-referee system was working, Archer said: “No doubt. You go back and watch a game from a couple of years ago and watch the decision we couldn’t see.”

“Now I’ve got someone in a position who sees it, who communicates it to me and there is no doubt we bat higher in those decisions now than we did previously.”

NRL boss David Gallop, is also a big fan of the two ref system, and he will be ensuring that the system is re-instated when the end of year NRL meeting takes place.

“Inevitably in the second season people will start to focus on the negatives rather than all the positives that have been achieved through two referees, but I think we tend to forget the things it’s brought to the game,” he said.

“(There are) far less grapple-wrestle penalties, (there’s) the ability for us to bring through young guys and give them first grade experience.”

“We’ll review the whole thing once the dust settles on the grand final but I’d expect two referees to go forward.”

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