Eels centre Timana Tahu has made claims that sacked Eels coach Daniel Anderson continually forced him to play despite suffering a severely sore ankle injury early on in the season.

The dual international’s comments came after the Parramatta club held a board meeting on Monday night.

Tahu claims that Anderson blatantly ignored repeated warnings from Eels medical staff that Tahu was not fit to play, and that he was forced to play since May with a sore ankle.

2010 is a year to forget for the Eels, after they went from runners-up in the grand final to finishing 12th, despite heading into the season as one of the favourites to take out the premiership.

“I’ve had it since Country (the City-Country) clash and I’ve just been restricted, since Country it’s just been torture with this ankle and it still hasn’t recovered,” Tahu said.

“I could have done things better during the season to get back to 100 per cent but we were struggling during the year and Ando wanted players on the field training so it just got worse as we kept on going.”

There was concern that Tahu’s injury wasn’t managed properly, and as a result, it could have impacted on him making the Four Nations Train-On Squad.

“Yeah it could have been but when the coach overrules the physios and the medical staff, it’s an uphill battle.

“We just had to listen to what the coach wanted, we were under pressure during the year.”

In light of the Eels decision to sack Anderson, Tahu backed the boards decision and has has been speculated before, Melbourne assistant coach Steve Kearney is the leading candidate for the job.

“I support the club and the board 100 per cent,” Tahu said.

“Every club wants to be successful and Parramatta needs to think about the future of where Parramatta wants to go and whatever decision they make I support them.

“It’s a tough business being in the NRL as a player, I’ve been in that situation where you’re not wanted … it should go for coaches as well, if you don’t perform then you know you’re under pressure the same as the players.”

Tahu has received reassurance that his role at the Eels is safe from Eels CEO Paul Osborne.

“It is a bit stressful, I’ve got three kids, I need to put food on the table for my family and I don’t know what my future is,” Tahu said.

“I was supposed to re-sign in round ten and I’m still to sign a contract.

“Ozzie’s saying everything’s fine … (he’s) told me Steve Kearney if he does get the job wants me there which is a positive thing, I’d like to be coached underneath him.

“Every club has spent all their money, I’m hoping that when I walk in soon that there’s a contract sitting on the table waiting to get signed because if not I don’t know where I’m going to go, I haven’t talked to no-one.

“Clubs don’t want injured players and especially at my age, coming to the back end of my career, they don’t want old, injured players.”

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