Eels great Peter Wynn is just one of many former Eels greats that are seriously contemplating making a run for a position on the Eels board.

After the controversial decision made by current board members to sack coach Daniel Anderson, the pressure is mounting on them at a rapid rate.

Wynn, who was a member of three of the Eels premiership sides in 1982, 83 & 86, has previously knocked back several offers to join the club in some capacity, but he stated yesterday he was seriously re-thinking his initial thoughts, in light of recent events at the club.

Daniel Anderson, who was sacked via email on Monday night, a mere 12 months after he had taken the Eels to the 2009 grand final, was reassured only weeks before his sacking that his job was safe according to Eels chairman Roy Spagnolo.

Although those on the Leagues Club board are still safe, elections for the football club are in December, and if recent criticism is to be believed, then many Eels fans are considering voting out Spagnolo and his brigade.

Wynn, who is a successful businessman, and owns his own NRL merchandise store on Church Street in Parramatta, says, “There is an option there if a bloke wanted to pursue that area”.

“I don’t go into anything unless I go in 100 per cent. If you want to put your hand up, you have to go in with the right intentions.  I haven’t made a decision.”

Wynn and another Eels legend Michael Cronin, both acknowledged that they are sincerely disappointed at the way Daniel Anderson was treated by the club.

“It just seems Daniel Anderson’s biggest mistake was being appointed by (former chief executive) Denis Fitzgerald,” Cronin said.

“Once the coach is appointed, from my point of view he should have the whole say in the buying and selling of players and running of the football team. It doesn’t look like Anderson was given that.”

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