The man regarded as the voice of the NRL , Channel 9’s Ray Warren, is in danger of missing out on his first grand final in 40 years, as he is in hospital suffering a severe infection.

He was given antibiotics initially, but after they failed to improve his condition, Warren, 67, was placed on a drip. His temperature was at 39.6 degrees, and he has been bed-ridden in hospital for the last six days.

Warren said, “I’ve got a sky-high temperature, the shivers, shakes and sweats”.

The infection bothering Warren was finally traced to his prostate, and he would try to walk tomorrow, in an attempt to be fit and raring to go for the grand final this weekend.

Should Rabs health not improve, then it is most likely that fellow Channel 9 commentator Andrew Voss will be called upon to commentate on the big game.

“One of the problems is my temperature,” Warren said.

“It was 37 earlier today but 39.4 a few minutes ago. That is a dangerous temperature.

“It’s up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. I was on antibiotics but I wasn’t getting any better so they put me on a drip.

“At the moment I can’t talk with any confidence. After a day or two in hospital, I’m starting to feel OK but until I get on my pegs [legs] I won’t know. I have to be fair to the people around me, including Andrew. I can’t leave a decision any later than Friday.”

When asked if he was worried as to whether or not he would indeed miss his first grand final in 40 years, Warren replied, “I haven’t missed one in 40 years but it wouldn’t be the end of the world as far as I’m concerned.”

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