Having worked as an assistant coach under Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy for several years, Stephen Kearney is primed to assume command of a first-grade team at some stage. His time has now come.

Kearney is set to be formally introduced as the new coach of the Parramatta Eels tomorrow, as they look to find the man to guide them back to the finals.

Kearney’s signing as coach won’t come as a shock to Eels and NRL fans alike however, as the rumours of Kearney becoming Eels coach go way back to the headlines that saw Eels CEO Paul Osborne visit Kearney in the latter stages of the season about becoming coach.

The speculation never ceased, as time after time, we saw rumours and reports linking Kearney to the top job at the Eels.

Rumours and reports that Eels officials constantly denied on a regular basis, stating that former coach Daniel Anderson’s job was safe.

Clearly this was not the case, as the Eels club sacked Anderson with the rumours of Kearney as the new coach still persisting even at this time.

Despite all the evidence pointing to Kearney being the new Eels coach, he managed to sidestep any questions regarding the matter at unveiling of New Zealand’s Four Nations team in Auckland today.

“Today is about the Kiwi side and I’m sure that in due time that you may hear something,” Kearney said.

“I think what will happen, will happen”.

“It will transpire in the next few days I guess. At this stage my focus is purely on making sure we prepare well for the Kiwis campaign.”

After today’s announcement, Kearney has conveniently flown back to Sydney in light of the Eels scheduling a press conference for tomorrow at 11am.

Normally, in cases like this, speculation can derail a coaches plan to prepare a side for an international competition. In this case though, Kearney shrugged off the claim.

“Not at all really.

“This is my responsibility, looking after this Kiwi side.”

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