Roy Spagnolo, Parramatta chairman, has explained thoroughly as to the reasons why former coach Daniel Anderson was sacked.

Spagnolo, who wrote a 12-page report, that went into the way Anderson ran the club, his relationship with certain players, and why the Eels said goodbye to several senior staff members after so many years.

The document, which is sure to cause some headlines, was sent to every member at the club and was last Friday, posted on the website of the Parramatta Leagues Club.

The document in question discusses the last 18 months of the Parramatta Eels Football Club, a time which many believe was a time of turmoil for the football club.

The report, which is set to reach a total of 50,000 members comprising of leagues club and football club members has claims made by Spagnolo including:

1. It was in fact sacked coach Daniel Anderson who made the decision to get rid of Feleti Mateo, Krisnan Inu & Kris Keating.

2. It was the decision of former coach Daniel Anderson and Eels CEO Paul Osborne to lure both Reni Maitua and Carl Webb to the club for next season.

3. The club dished out an astonishing figure of $130,000 for their chief investigator to partake in a full-scale review of the structure of the Eels organisation.

4. The reason as to why 9 employees including senior figures John Kolc, Andrew Hill Tullio Confranesco had their contracts terminated.

5. The fact that since Denis Fitzgerald was discarded, the club turned an $8.7 million loss to an expected $2.1 million dollar profit in just two years.

You can read the report here.

The report is hardly an encouraging sign for new recruits Webb and Maitua, as Spagnolo stresses the point that Anderson was responsible for the signings.

“Contrary to some media reports, it should be noted and made very clear that the purchase of the following two players [Webb and Maitua] was negotiated by Daniel Anderson and [chief executive] Paul Osborne, and at no time was there any board involvement.

“Further to the above, it was Daniel Anderson’s decision not to renew the contracts of the following players, Feleti Mateo, Krisnan Inu and Kris Keating.

“At no time was there any board interference.”

Spagnolo concluded the report by applauding the signing of Kearney.

“We are excited at having secured Stephen’s services,” Spagnolo writes.

“The structure, discipline and enthusiasm he presented to the board about how he will run the football club, from the juniors right through to the first-grade team, was really uplifting.

“He gave us confidence that our football team will be a force to be reckoned with and we believe this is something you will be happy to hear.

“The feedback already received from both the coaching staff and players about Stephen joining us is one of immense enthusiasm and excitement.

“This did not come as a surprise to us as Stephen is held in a very high regard by Wayne Bennett.”

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