66 days this saga has dragged on for. 66 days. That equates to just over two months, and still there’s no official announcement that Greg Inglis has signed with the Broncos.

What makes this saga even more interesting is that Greg Inglis hasn’t been released from his contract with the Melbourne Storm, nor has he been signed by the Brisbane Broncos.

Both the Storm and the Broncos refused to discuss the matter, nor would they explain what the delay in Inglis officially signing with the Brisbane Broncos.

The deal is worth around $1.2 million dollars, but the delay is not believed to be a result of salary cap pressure.

The delay in the entire process could possibly prevent Inglis from beginning rehabilitation on his injured shoulder, in which he requires surgery for.

Ron Gauci, the Storm’s new Chief Executive, Inglis himself, and Inglis’s manager, Allan Gainey were still discussing the ‘dialogue’ regarding his release from the Melbourne Storm.

“It relates to reconciliation of some historical issues,” Gauci said.

“Once we get agreement on those we will release him.”

Gauci said it was a “sensitive” issue which the club did not wish to discuss publicly.

He wasn’t able to say when t may be resolved or whether it would delay his arrival at the Broncos.

“It will be decided once we can get all the parties together and resolve it,” he said.

Andrew Gee, who is the Broncos football manager hopes that the entire process is complete and finalised before November 1, as that is when the Broncos will begin their pre-season training.

The Storm nor the Broncos knew if Inglis was allowed to train with their clubs in light of the negotiations.

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