The National Rugby League have today announced that one of their players in the National Youth Competition (NYC) has tested positive to the banned substance methylhexaneamine.

The player in question will no doubt be suspended and further tests will be conducted to determine a large array of factors, all of which will contribute to the ultimate fate of the young player.

“It (NRL) has recorded a positive test to Methylhexaneamine at Toyota Cup level and a player is the subject of a provisional suspension until the matter is determined through the correct NRL and WADA procedures,” the statement read.

“The NRL are unaware of any positive test to Methylhexaneamine in any of its finals matches, premiership matches or out of competition tests.”

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) delivered a stern warning to Australian athletes on Friday to be conscious of everything they consumed, after it was revealed that an astonishing nine athletes had tested positive to the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine, or DMAA.

ASADA is worried that some athletes may have accidentally taken the drug inadvertently, with the banned chemical often found in body building and dietary supplements, while there are other reports that some may have used it as a party drug.

Despite the positive tests, authorities are refusing to name the nine athletes that have returned positive tests or the sports they compete in.

Cronulla forward Paul Gallen is of the belief that no NRL player would take the drug in question, or any other drug, as all NRL clubs have very tough guidelines when it comes to taking any supplements.

“I don’t know if any rugby league players would be taking it, I doubt it,” Gallen said in Sydney on Saturday.

“We’re highly regulated in what we take, all our clubs are guaranteed off the manufacturers what we’re getting and we all take the same stuff.

“I don’t think there would be too many blokes going out buying stuff over the counter and going off on their own bat and trying something different, it’s probably too risky.

“We get drug tested probably as much as any athletes in the world so hopefully all of us are pretty good.”

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