The Italia Rugby Football League (iRFL) is aiming to surge further ahead in our quest to rescue Italia Rugby League and it’s professionalization – in bringing REAL growth, REAL development, REAL Action and Real Rugby League into Italy!

To ensure this will happen with even greater impact – a Major Sponsor and Minor Sponsors are needed to to off how serious the iRFL are in Italy!

The Major or ‘Technical Sponsor’ will be the face of the ‘Italia Rugby Football League’, while having the opportunity to spread their brand into the International arena.

The company that get’s on board could have the opportunity to have their brand being recognisable with the iRFL, the iRFLeague Campionato (Italia Rugby League Championship), the Azzurri Rugby League team and involved in exciting growth planned with other events and teams yet to be revealed.

The requirement for the iRFL is an inaugural Technical (Major) sponsor and a Jersey Sports Wear Sponsor. This will aim at delivering historic international and domestic events for Rugby League in Italy under the professional management and committment of the iRFL.

The iRFLeague board (Italia Rugby Football League), in which was formed in 2010, aiming at delivering strong professional management, development and expansion of the sport of Rugby League (Rugby a XIII) in Italy.

The iRFLeague organisation is a Rugby League group solely started in Italy with all members based in Italy, apart from myself – being the Australian-Italian contact and English/Australian promoter.

IRFLeague in its first year of formation during mid-2010, set up a modest four team competition, based out of Roma (Rome), Catania (Sicily) and Firenze (Florence) – with National and Local TV coverage being achieved.

This is looking to swell in 2011 – at least double figures. Rugby Union clubs and players are taking notice and will receive never before seen development and skills introductions.

With initial steps being taken to set-up the constitution, rules, development, skills, domestic events, international events and other plans being made for 2011.

iRFLeague has strong contacts in some Italian Media, which enabled the Federation to access and use National and Local TV already for the Campionato in only the first year.

Recent progression has been the pick up of ‘Rugby League Four Nations’ TV Coverage by EUROSPORT 2 in Italy – which has links with the iRFL management.

With these plans, Italia Rugby Football League is looking for a major sponsor for the iRFLeague organisation. iRFLeague is also after differing minor sponsors.

We feel 2011 will be an exciting year for the real growth of Italia Rugby League! With historic Rugby League events planned and being looked at!

Your company’s brand could be the face of Italia Rugby League any any of the following; for all iRFL promotion, inaugural Jerseys/kit, the Domestic Competitions, TV coverage, in Italian Media and to all the fans of the Rugby League world!

Please contact Matteo Visona, the iRFLeague President at

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