We first heard the news that there was a betting scandal about 2-3 months ago, and it seems as if the investigation hasn’t gotten anywhere.

Bulldogs, Cowboys, both teams have players that are suspected to be involved, and detectives are still investigating all avenues of the case, and haven’t dismissed the possibility of talking to players and officials in North Queensland again in light of the scandal.

Police continue to gather evidence as they attempt to put the betting scandal investigation to bed for good. The investigation stems from possible illegal betting made by some within the NRL on the Rd 24 clash between the Bulldogs and the Cowboys.

Going back a while now, texts and emails were floating around naming those players and officials suspected of involvement in the scandal, with all those found guilty of involvement to be banned from the NRL for life.

The investigation has gone on for 3 months now, and in the Cowboys report, there are apparently three Cowboys players named in that report.

“This is certainly not over,” a police source said.

“We’re still in the process of gathering information. There are no time-frames, we’ve identified some persons of interest and we are leaving no stone unturned.”

When the police source was asked if Cowboys players were persons of interest he source said: “I can’t answer that, but if we need to go back there [to Townsville to interview the squad], we will.”

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