Just when you thought all was settled with the Inglis saga, a new twist rears its ugly head. In a move that is sure to please Broncos fans, but anger Souths fans, the NRL has blocked Greg Inglis’s move to the Bunnies.

After walking out on the Brisbane Broncos earlier this month to sign with the Bunnies courtesy of a big push by co-owner Russell Crowe, it seems like the reason why the contract has been blocked could in fact be as a result of Crowe.

The likelihood of Inglis playing for Souths is now very slim, with Schubert having no choice but to prevent the transfer from going through, given that Inglis is technically still contracted to the Melbourne Storm.

Crowe, who was recently on Jay Leno’s talk show talking about Souths, and their proud history, is believed to have inadvertently made the NRL, particularly salary cap auditor Ian Schubert at the situation more closely, thus the action they have taken.

On Leno’s show, Crowe said that the deal was worth $1.8 million over three years, despite claims being made that Inglis was on a base salary of just $190,000, an amount which many found hard to believe, and only makes the situation even more suss.

In light of this new revelation, the likelihood that Inglis will be headed overseas to play football, most likely in France is gaining momentum, with Inglis’s manager Allan Gainey set to look into French Union as a possible destination for his player.

“It must be frustrating for him [Inglis] but he has got an agent and frankly, that’s what agents are for,” NRL boss David Gallop said last night.

“I hope for Greg’s sake it gets sorted out pretty quickly because we certainly want to see him be able to settle down and concentrate on his footy.”

In order to retain Inglis, the Bunnies would have to release some players, with several names already being touted as departing the club and moving elsewhere, though Souths seem reluctant to release any players.

“It’s frustrating Souths paraded him in their colours when it’s not resolved,” Gallop said.

“It’s true that Greg’s contract position is not resolved.

“Everyone involved has known for some time he is under contract with Melbourne Storm and needs both a release from that contract and the approval of the salary cap auditor.”

Inglis is also set to undergo hip surgery, after having reconstructive surgery on both of his shoulders. He faces some time away from any training as he recovers.

It also appears that Inglis has  been packing on the kilos, with his last known weight to be a whopping 118kg.

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