With the ‘complex’ issues that Timana Tahu is facing, Eels coach Stephen Kearney is refusing to guarantee the star centre’s future as he he gets a week off to face his personal demons.

The coach was unable to determine a specific time-frame for the centre’s return, as constant speculation is mounting that both Tahu and the club may part ways.

Tahu made a request last week to obtain leave from training, a request which was granted by Kearney.

Despite rumours emerging yesterday that Tahu and go AWOL (Absent Without Leave), Eels CEO Paul Osborne quickly denied that, despite his Eels team-mates unaware of his location.

Tahu wasn’t present at Thursday’s training session, and he may not be at training for some time yet.

“We are working through a few things with him,” Kearney said.

“He’s contracted to the club but has a fair bit on his plate.

“We need to sit down and talk with him. We have to look after his welfare.

“We’re concerned and want to make sure he is in good health and looks after himself.

“We will do what we have to do. Hopefully we can resolve T’s issues. The issues are pretty complex.”

While there is a possibility that Tahu may return to training in the future, Kearney said: “We haven’t gone that far. I’m not going to comment on that.”

The issue started on Monday after Tahu’s car broke down on Monday, in which he hasn’t been seen at the club since.

Eels veteran Nathan Hindmarsh acknowledges that Tahu does have some issues he needs to overcome, but he expects to see him come back better than ever.

“He was back last week (at training) but some things have come up. He’s got to sort those out before he gets back to training again.

“We’re hopeful he will be back. We haven’t heard any different. He has missed a few days this week to sort some stuff out but he trained hard last week.

“It’s hard to get hold of Timana at the best of times but we haven’t spoken.”

Asked what Kearney’s message was for next season, Hindmarsh said:

“If you want to be here, fine, but if you want to hang around you can piss off now, pretty much.

“It’s about working hard for these eight weeks leading into Christmas. If you’re not up to it, you might as well go now.”

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