Yet again, the Inglis saga takes another twist, with doubt being raised as to whether or not the deal will actually be approved by the NRL, after David Gallop and the NRL have asked for more information in relation to his third-party deals.

With that in mind, there is no severe doubt as to whether or not Inglis will be playing in the NRL next year, as the NRL seeks more information about the deal, which any regard as controversial.

“We have received the contract but requested more information in relation to the third-party deals,” Gallop said.

An NRL source said: “It will be a dogfight this deal. Those saying that it will get through might have spoken too soon.”

Gallop was unwilling to comment about some controversial and contentious comments made by Inglis’s manager Allan Gainey, as the plot thickens in this lingering saga.

“This kid could walk away from the whole game [if the NRL blocked the deal], it would be the greatest disgrace ever,” Gainey said.

“Greg is absolutely sick of it. Like everyone, he is fed up with the whole thing. The NRL has now received all the third-party and marquee player agreements.

“I put them to Souths for approval, they have approved them all and now it’s been sent to the NRL.”

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