In a saga that has dragged on just as long as the Greg Inglis saga, Tahu’s future at the Eels grows more uncertain as it has emerged that his family has re-located to Newcastle.

Kasey, Tahu’s wife made the decision and it only continues to add doubt into the minds of both fans and players alike, about what sort of future Tahu has at the Eels.

Tahu has said that he is willing to commute to and from Newcastle each day in order to both train and play with Parramatta, a commute which is doable, but players believe that being away from your family for too long in this case, is near impossible for a family man like Tahu.

Tahu left Rugby Union for that very same reason, as he was struggling in dealing with being away from his family for so long, and that resulted in a move back to the Eels.

Steve Burraston, the Knights chief executive, has denied speaking to Tahu on the matter, but there is speculation galore that Tahu might be headed back to the Knights as a result.

Tahu, who was born and raised in Newcastle, before moving to the Eels in 2005, was reportedly seen to have been talking to two Knights players in Newcastle only adding more fuel to the fire.

Burraston, who has been a mentor for Tahu as he was a former lower-grade coach at the Knights, has ruled out a possible move for Tahu.

“We haven’t spoken to him at all, nor are we in the market for a centre at the moment,” Burraston said.

“I’ve had a lot to do with Timana, and I respect the bloke and I respect his ability.

“I thought he played some good footy when he came back from rugby union.

“He’s always welcome at our place, but it’s got to be under the right circumstances.

“Right at the moment, there’s not a position for him or enough room for us to fit him under the salary cap.”

The Knights also made a play for Tahu to return to the club in 2009 following his departure from Rugby Union, though he chose the Eels.

It’s believed that Tahu’s wife isn’t pushing Tahu to make a return until after the Christmas break, and Eels management are expected to wait until then, before meeting with Tahu and making their decision.

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