Despite pressure and some anger from Souths officials and fans, the NRL maintain that they are simply following the rules and protocols in relation to Greg Inglis’s deal as the deal in question continues to be heavily scrutinised.

In what will be the second week of the thorough check through Inglis’s deal, it is the third party deals totalling a staggering $200,000 a season that are of particular interest to cap auditor Ian Schubert.

Whilst there is constant debate from officials, fans and experts alike in relation to the base salary Inglis is earning, just a meagre $190,000, an NRL spokesperson claimed that the amount within the cap was not in question.

“The basic guide is that if a player is receiving money from any person as a way of inducing him to play for the club, then that money will be included in the salary cap.”

Souths are believed to be lodging four statutory declarations in regards to their third party agreements, as the NRL seeks the validity of the third-party deals which are valued at $100,000, $50,000 and two deals at $25,000.

What is possibly damaging to Souths stance that their third party deals are legitimate are owner Russell Crowe’s comments that Souths had claimed Inglis on a 3 year deal worth 1.8 million dollars, which equates to $600,000 a season.

“It’s not a case of what has to be in the cap in terms of a figure,” an NRL spokesperson said.

“The point is, if you are getting paid something to be at that club, regardless of who’s paying you beyond the marquee player allowance – if it’s to be at that club, it’s going to be in the cap.”

What remains to be seen is whether Ian Schubert authenticates the deal, and whether or not the third party deals are seen as legitimate.

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