It’s basically a foregone conclusion that Timana Tahu and the Parramatta Eels are going to part ways in light of Tahu’s recent issues that have taken some time to resolve.

Whilst the Eels have given Tahu the time to get his head back in the game and resolve his issues, the club want to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, as they want to focus on their training preparations for the 2011 season.

“I doubt he’ll be here, but who knows?” an Eels insider said on Sunday. “It’s up to Steve, basically. We’ve been more than patient with him.”

“It will be sorted out tomorrow (meaning today) or Tuesday. We’ll know one way or the other.”

Given the issues Tahu is facing, speculation had been rife that Tahu’s family moved back to Newcastle, as more rumours emerged that Tahu was set to sign with the Knights, before Knights CEO Steve Burraston denied any such rumour.

Tahu has previously said that he’s willing to commute to and from Newcastle to play and train with the Eels club, but despite that, the Eels are still expected to part ways with the centre.

As the Eels are dealing with the situation, they’re looking worldwide for a new centre to take his spot at the club as they seek an experienced campaigner to take his spot.

The race row at the local Koori Aboriginal Tournament is still ongoing, as Tahu continually denies any wrongdoing despite reports suggesting otherwise, and new rumours coming to light about the situation.

“The Human Rights Commission have been handling it and they’re still going on with it,” an NRL spokesman said.

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