When on song, and injury free, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better centre in the game, and that’s exactly what Justin Hodges is aiming to reproduce as he had his first training hit-out in a year.

In what is a major boost for the Broncos, particularly their younger players, Hodges successfully completed a 1 hour hit-out at Wests Mitchelton this morning.

A training mishap in January last year which resulted in a snapped achilles tendon prevented Hodges from taking any part in the 2010 season, and it was a major blow for the Broncos side leading into the season.

Broncos fans and players will be more than pleased to see Hodges back in the line-up given the recent cross-code transfer of Israel Folau to the AFL team,  the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Hodges, who continues to ice the foot after the completion of training as a mere precaution is over the moon that he is back and running again.

“That was the first big hit out I’ve had. I loved being back,” he said.

“It (his achilles) has pulled up good so I’ll go home and rest it and hopefully when I come back tomorrow it will be fine.

“I need to keep working on my fitness but I can’t wait for the season to start.”

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