A new playing strip for 2011 is to today be unveiled by the Wests Tigers just as billionaire tycoon Harry Triguboff returns to the Tigers as a major sponsor.

Triguboff sensationally cut ties with the Wests Tigers club a decade ago, after their ill-fated first season in the NRL,  though courtesy of some smart negotiation from CEO Stephen Humphreys resulted in the billionaire making a return to the Tigers sponsors.

The Tigers, who have slightly altered their stripes for the 2011 season did so at their Concord headquarters, though not all fans are pleased with the new jersey.

Simon of Balmain said “Hideous jersies, just an absolute train wreck in terms of design and appeal. If this is the result of player’s input, could I suggest they stick to the footy? Black, white and gold are fantastic colours to work with, cannot understand how the club can get it so completely wrong. Perhaps the Blades designer was having a bad week?”

Beau Ryan however couldn’t be happier with the jerseys, as he looks forward to wearing them for the 2011 season.

“The jerseys are awesome. Believe it or not the players actually had a fair bit of input into the design of them and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve come out,” Ryan said.

“There’s a Lycra strip down either side to allow the material plenty of breathing space and the collars are designed so you can’t try and take blokes’ heads off.

“They’re a good fit and a good feel. As a matter of fact Chris and I wanted to take them home but the club wouldn’t let us.”

The new jerseys have shades of the club’s ties to both former NRL teams the Balmain Tigers, and the Western Suburbs Magpies, but also a mix between the merged club as they attempt to appeal to all fans from Balmain, the Western Suburbs, and their current fans.

“One of the issues has been that the black jumper was seen as a throwback to Western Suburbs and the orange one was seen as a throwback to Balmain,” Humphreys said.

“We kind of want to get a bit beyond that now and create something that is a Wests Tigers identity rather than a throwback.”

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