Dean Benton, one of Australia’s leading fitness and performance experts has grave concerns about Greg Inglis and his fitness, going as far to say that Inglis will be a “bad buy” for any club in the 2011 season.

Benton, who is the chief football consultant for the Queensland Reds and the Adelaide Crows has major concerns that in light of operations on his shoulder and hip, resulting in GI tipping the scales at 121kg, that he might not shine in 2011.

“He’d be a bad signing for a two-year deal. You’d really only be getting a player for one year,” Benton said.

After a saga that should have been settled months ago, there are lingering concerns about not only the ballooning weight of Inglis, but also his personal dramas, all of which play a part in the concerns people have about him.

The injuries Greg Inglis has sustained have seriously affected his training also, with Inglis unable to row or lift upper-body weights due to his shoulder injury, as well as being unable to run effectively due to his hip injury.

Benton believes that Inglis has to lose at least 15 kilograms to be effective again, but says that it will take at least four months to shed the weight.

“You’d have to assume a fair bit of his weight is fat,” Benton said.

“Even in the best-case scenario, in the best performance environment in training with the aid of a nutritionist, you’d be looking at a kilo a week or 10 millimetres of fat reduction a week, which is the best I’ve seen.

“If you do the maths and he has to lose 15 kilos, it would take him 15 or 16 weeks to trim down.

“The other issue is his hip injury. I’m not sure of the nature of surgery or his rehabilitation, but just with his shoulder, the best-case scenarios are typically 16 weeks for a basic shoulder reconstruction.

“Unless he’s hired the services of a strength and conditioning consultant, a medical consultant and dietitian, you’d have to think his rehab would be compromised by both his hip and shoulder.”

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