Both Ryan Tandy and Brad Murray are the two persons of interest in the betting scandal, as they are heavily interviewed on their involvement, as police finally draw to a close their investigation of the betting scandal.

Both Murray and Tandy will be questioned about the rather unusual betting patterns that took place during the controversial Cowboys and Bulldogs NRL match.

They will have to answer all the questions they are asked truthfully, otherwise they will face jail-time for their failure to do so.

Pending the hearing and the evidence given, police will decide if the findings should be given to the NRL, based on the outcome of the case.

An astonishing 80 people have been interviewed on the betting scandal, as an obscure amount of money was backed for the first score in the Cowboys and Bulldogs to be a penalty goal.

Ironically, the betting scandal first emerged at Bulldogs HQ just five weeks after they attended a seminar on the dangers of gambling.

‘We’ve made it clear from the outset that we have co-operated at every opportunity with the NRL and the police,” Todd Greenberg, Canterbury’s chief executive, said.

”We’re hoping to have the matter resolved as soon as possible, certainly prior to the start of the season.”

Tandy is contracted to the Bulldogs until 2012, with police investigations still ongoing, but almost complete.

Both the Eels and the Bulldogs are awaiting the final verdict of the saga, before they make any decisions about the future of Murray and Tandy respectively.

The anti-gambling movement in sport is angered that players would even consider such a thing with South Australian Federal independent member Nick Xenophon says that:

“Gambling is ‘ruining the game”.

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