After being forced to sell most of their 2010 NRL team, the Storm, who have 13 new faces in their NRL side for 2011, working out the correct side will take some time.

The new-look Storm team have been undergoing match simulations, earlier than they have in the past few years, as Bellamy attempts to work out what side will be the Storm’s best.

For Bellamy, the weeks before the trial matches are important for the Storm as their new team attempt to gel as soon as possible, and get the results they need.

“I don’t know about quite as important [as the trials] but it’s close,” Bellamy said of the next three weeks. “We are still working hard but a platform was built before Christmas and now we are really into the game simulation stuff, game specific training, doing a lot of experimenting.”

Some positional changes are taking place with skipper and hooker Cameron Smith being tested at halfback, as well as attempting to work out who will play in the vacant five-eighth position.

“We have another few weeks before our trials, so hopefully we have an idea of what we are doing by then and we’ll see if it works in the trials and go from there,” the Storm coach said.

“But it might be a couple of weeks in to the competition when that all gets worked out.

“I am not quite sure what our capabilities are as a team and I’m not quite sure what each individual is capable of at the moment. We are trying to work that out.

“We’ve been used to over the years making changes to our team but this is by far the biggest change we have ever had. I am not going to rush it and I am trying not to get frustrated with things. We are being patient and working hard and seeing what we come up with.”

The majority of the Storm players are in training, bar Billy Slater who is recovering from shoulder surgery, though he is expected to start training next week.

Boom utility Luke Kelly however is suffering from a rather painful injury, namely Osteitis Pubis, which is a severe inflammation of the groin area.

“We’ve got some guys in and out for different sessions but when they are not out on the track they are working hard in rehab,” Bellamy said “But we are in pretty good shape there at the moment.”

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