In the pits, the doldrums, the blues. Most NRL players would know the feeling after they fail to perform to the standards that they set for themselves. For Carl Webb, this was no different.

After Webb contemplated retirement following a poor year by both his standards, and the Cowboys fans standard, he was more than ready to hang up the boots and walk away from the game of NRL.

That is before the Eels came a-calling and asked Webb if he wanted to play with them in 2011.

Was if a life-line? Was it last chance saloon for Webb? Or, is it a chance for Webb to prove that he still has the fire in his belly?

“Last year was such a long year and it kept going through my head that I didn’t think I had it in me anymore,” says Webb.

“It got to the stage where, honestly, I wanted to walk away.

“My time was up there and I knew that. I needed a change and fortunately I’ve got this opportunity at Parramatta.

“My attitude has turned around and I feel I’ve got at least another two good years left in me.”

The major turning point in Webb’s career, was without a doubt the birth of his son Hunter, and is was the birth of his son, that convinced him that things had to change as quickly as possible.

There are no more boozy or alcohol filled nights, but there is a mountain of running involved with the Eels training.

Webb, who was perhaps a pedestrian in that department for some time, is putting in the hard yards and is running further, harder and faster than he has in his entire career.

“I’ve got a newborn child, so I have a family now and my lifestyle has changed,” he said.

“I don’t really see it as a sacrifice, I’m just moving on to a new stage of my life.

“I don’t feel I have a point to prove really. The only point I have to prove is to myself.”

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