As usual with these questions and answers guys, I’ll post the questions asked by fans in normal font, and Smith’s answers in bold.
He has some interesting things to say.

Hello Cam! Thanks for chatting. Do you see the Storm in the finals this year?
We always have aspirations of being a part of the finals, but the most important thing for our team this year is to be competitive every game. Having said that, we’ve got a good enough team to be in the top eight.

Hi Cam, Happy New Year to you and your family. We have renewed our membership for 2011 and are travelling up to Bega for the Trial Game – Helen & Rod Naylor (we will be back with the Banner Crew for 2011.
It’s always good to get the kind of support we receive from your family every year. We are hopeful of getting a record number of members again in 2011. See you in Bega.

Hey Cameron 🙂 Happy Australia day mate. My biggest question is, with GI and Finchy gone, there’s obviously a bit of competition for back-line spots and lots of talk about guys like Widdop, O’Neill, Stanley and Duffie… who has impressed you the most? Good luck in 2011. I’ll be cheering you boys on loud and proud from up here in Newcastle 😀
There certainly is a lot of competition in the back-line this year. From what I’ve seen in the last three weeks, Duffie has been outstanding on the paddock. Remember Quinny is back in training as well and should take part in the trials. We have some really talented players fighting for spots in the outside backs, so whoever gets the nod will do a great job for us.

Who do you think is the toughest hooker that you have played against?
Danny Buderus without a doubt. He’s the toughest competitor I’ve come across and a very good player. We built up a strong rivalry while he was in the NRL and during Origin.

Hi Cam. With the disappointment of last year, is there a lot more pressure on you guys to perform in 2011? Do you use that disappointment as motivation?
Last year was certainly disappointing but to be honest we have put that behind us and it hasn’t even been mentioned at all during pre-season. It won’t be used as a motivational tool at all. Our only motivation is to do the best way can week in week out, especially for our wonderful supporters.

Hi Cameron, I’m a big Storm supporter. How do you think the Storm will go this year without Greg Inglis?
Greg is a wonderful player, but we believe that we have never been a one man team. We play our best football when 17 men are playing at their best for one another. We have some great centres at the club and let’s not forget we managed to recruit a fairly handy player in Beau Champion who had a fantastic season with the Rabbitohs last year.

Where do you stand on expansion? Yes or no? If yes, where? I think Perth and Brisbane II is the way forward.
I totally agree that we need to expand our game. Having played in Perth over the last two years, there is strong support for the game over there. The men who make the decisions are assessing the candidates to ensure the best locations are chosen to grow our game and I have every faith they’ll make the right decision.

Hi Cameron, can you tell me how is Beau Champion blending into the squad? Do you see him being a key player for the Storm this year?
Beau’s been great. All of the boys are getting along with him really well. He was a bit shocked after his first week at Storm training and he ended up with a busted eye, but he’s settled in really well and is training very hard for one of the centre spots. We’re more than happy he decided to join us.

Hi Cam, I’m really looking forward to the new season. One question. On the website there is a survey about who will be the new 5/8th? Who in your opinion is the favourite for the position? May we also wish you and your family a happy Australia Day.
Happy Australia to you and everyone else on here today. I think it’s probably down to two players. Gareth Widdop or Maurice Blair. Luke Kelly would have been a chance if he wasn’t injured, but I think it’s probably a race between those two.

Who do you think will be in the top eight?
Tough question, but I think the Dragons, Tigers, and Roosters will definitely feature, and of course we’ll be there. Who the other four will be is anyone’s guess.

Has the game plan changed much considering the loss of GI?
Not really. As I said earlier, we’ve never based our game around individual players. He was a unique player and a great strike weapon, but when you get new players into the squad they bring new skills to the team. There’s no doubt we’ll play slightly differently given the new faces in the squad, but in general we’ll play the way Craig has always wanted us to play.

Can you tell us which Storm rookies we should keep an eye out for in 2011?
Elijah Niko is a big, tall outside back who could make an impact. He reminds me a lot of Israel when he first arrived at the club. Also we have a young halfback/five-eighth Ben Hampton who has been playing in the under-20’s who has impressed.

You’re from Queensland originally, so did you have any family or friends effected by the floods?
Fortunately my family were lucky and escaped the floods in Brisbane but I had some friends near Toowoomba that have been affected by the floods traveling from Central Queensland. I hope everyone here who has been affected or knows anyone who has been affected can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

What is your favourite music?
I will listen to anything as long as I can understand what they’re singing about!!!

I heard that Cooper and Billy played Wii against each other at the Tennis yesterday. My very important question is who won?
I have no idea. I was too busy training hard at AAMI Park while they were bludging at the tennis!!!

I am 8 and I have just joined the Melbourne Storm members for the first time ever. Mum took me to a game last year and Cameron Smith is my favorite player, so I just wanted to say hello to him.
Thanks so much for becoming a Storm member. You’ve certainly picked the right club. All of the boys and I hope you enjoy the season and maybe I’ll see you at a game some time this year.

Are you looking forward to the all stars match?
The all stars team is announced tomorrow, so we won’t find until then if we’re playing, but it was a thrill to play last year and hopefully I get the opportunity to do it again.

Happy Australia Day mate! The team were looking good at training last week. How are the new boys settling in at the club? Are you finding it hard with such a change in the playing roster?
All of the new blokes have settled in really well and I’ve been impressed with every one of them. At times, with having so many new players its been challenging getting everyone on the same page, but we’re not far off and we’ll get there by round one.

What impact do you think Shaun Berrigan will have on the all mighty Warriors?
I think he is a great recruit for the Warriors. I was lucky enough to play some rep footy with Berro, and he is one of the toughest competitors I’ve seen on the footy field.

Is it strange to be coached by Craig Bellamy at the Storm and then as the opposing coach at State of Origin? Do you thing Mal Meninga will ever coach an NRL team?
At first I thought it was strange, but after a couple of games I really enjoyed playing against Craig and I especially enjoyed the banter with him after beating NSW. I don’t think Mal will ever coach an NRL side. He’s a very busy man and his role with the Origin side fits will into his life.

Happy Australia Day Cam…How will Woolnough and Thompson go this year?
They’ve both been training really well. Adam Woolnough had 12 months off, but has come back like he hasn’t missed any footy at all. I think you’ll see a lot of these two guys in the first grade team this year.

Hey Cam! Thanks for coming online! Any news on how many members have signed up since Monday?
I’m not sure of exact numbers, but I do know the phones have been running hot in the membership department. There’s plenty of new membership categories available this year and those we had last year have been revamped to give our members the best experience possible. I know the membership team here at the club have been working extremely hard over the past couple of months to give you the best membership possible and I’m sure everyone will be happy with what’s on offer. We want to break the membership record this year so we need as many people to jump on board as possible.

Hey Cam! Great to see you finally got here… How is the training anyway? Does Bellyache puts you through your paces every year… Does it ever get easier?
The short answer is no. Training never gets easier. If anything, it gets a bit harder every year. This morning’s session was especially tough given we’re having four days off starting tomorrow, but the boys are fit and training well.

What sort of food do you eat, and are there some foods you can’t help eating which you shouldn’t?
I’m quite relaxed about the foods I eat, but I choose the right times to splurge on foods that might not be so good for me.

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