Has he signed with Souths or with the Dragons? Will the proposed second Brisbane team get Wayne as their man if they are given the green light to join the league? There is only one way to find out.

What makes the situation even more confusing, is that many Dragons players have been kept out of the loop regarding the whole situation, as Bennett ponders his options for  beyond season 2011.

For Dragons captain Ben Hornby, he believes that despite the rumours that exist regarding Bennett, the Dragons will remain the same tight-knit and cohesive unit in 2011, even if the rumours are true and Bennett leaves.

In the scheme of things however, the Bennett rumours are merely a minute distraction, as the Dragons prepare for the annual Charity Shield clash on February 13 at ANZ Stadium.

In relation to Bennett however, it seems like Souths might not be the only ones pushing hard for his signature, with the Cowboys, Broncos and the newly-owned Knights under Tinkler, all teams that will target the supercoach.

Whilst the matter is no doubt one in which the club will deal with, Ben Hornby and the rest of the Dragons hope that Bennett stays on as coach.

“I doubt the players would have any problem playing with Wayne [if he decides to leave],” Hornby said.

“At the end of the day, Wayne’s going to make a decision and we’ll have to live with whatever he decides.

“Wayne tends to keep his cards close to his chest.

“We’re just players and our job is to focus on training at the moment.

“We’d love to see him stay, but it’s out of our hands. From our point of view, it hasn’t been a distraction at all.”

Dragons centre, and one of their favourite sons said that the players have received no indication from the club or Bennett himself, about which direction the supercoach is planning to go in.

“He [Bennett] said at the end of the year he’d let us know when he’s made a decision,” Cooper said. “He’ll make up his own mind.”

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