Will it work, or will it not work? A second Brisbane team has pros and cons, but bid bosses for both the Ipswich and Central Queensland bids, as well as Titans CEO Michael Searle and star Jonathon Thurston are all against a second Brisbane team.

Paul Pisale, who is the mayor of Ipswich describes the situation as “offensive”, who believes that any new team in QLD should be an area yet to have an NRL team with the Ipswich/Toowoomba area a key one.

”The timing of this bid is offensive,” he said.

‘Everyone in the country is trying to lift Ipswich from the floods and they come out with this show of money. I just can’t believe this bid, and I hope the NRL sees it for what it is. If this is just going to be a game between capital cities, we may as well give the game away and start following another sport.

”At the end of the day, I think the fans will talk. The Broncos have already got all their fans in Brisbane.

”We can expand the fans. It’s about the game, not the mighty dollar.”

Whilst David Gallop is set to meet with the new Brisbane consortium to discuss matters, nothing further will go ahead until the Independent Commission is implemented later on in the year.

A former Cowboys Chief Executive who was a key behind a Rockhampton bid to join the league, is also a strong advocate against a second Brisbane team.

”We’ll actually add to the NRL pie; I don’t think a third team is going to work in a fairly congested market… [there are] two AFL sides, a Super 15 team, two NRL sides, two A-League teams,” Keeffe said, before adding a warning: ”If the league doesn’t do something here soon, someone else will.”

Searle, who was the driving force behind getting the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL, is also heavily against a second Brisbane team.

”The Titans’ submission was about making the game a better game and generating more for rugby league. It wasn’t about pulling down the Broncos temple,” Searle said.

”It should never be about attacking another licence, it should be about growing the game, so the first thing I think everyone has to take stock of is ensuring that none of the existing licences are affected adversely by expansion.”

For Thurston, he believes that Perth should be the best recipient of a new team for a few reasons.

”I don’t think another team in Queensland would really work,” the Cowboys halfback said.

”With the timeslots for Fox Sports and everything, my personal thinking is Perth. The 7.30pm game over there would be telecast here live at 9.30pm, so they could play back-to-back live games on it.”

The Broncos are playing it cool with the situation however, with Broncos Chief Executive Paul White saying that he is not concerned about the new bid full of businessman.

”Everyone in this organisation is well aware of the need for us to continually improve on our benchmark performance,” White said yesterday.

”Regardless what is happening externally with bids, we will continue to strive for excellence in our own performance.”

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