It would have been rather embarrassing if you will for Idris when pictures emerged last year and the year before of him with what people regard as ‘puppy fat’.

Now however, it is Idris who is having the last laugh, as he is in the best shape of his life, being fitter, stronger and faster then he has ever been, weighing in just 0.5 kg above his target playing weight at 114.5 kg.

Idris has also sent a warning to other teams and players that they would do well to pay attention to.

“I’m ready for my best year,” says Idris.

Idris, who is also 190cm tall, has run his fastest sprint time of his career, as part of the Bulldogs lengthy sprint training drills, as he is focused on another Origin berth.

What is perhaps the biggest improvement on his play from last year, is the fact that his vision is now fully restored, following laser surgery, a procedure which Idris says will make him better than ever.

His ball-handling skills last year were quite poor as a result, and he was one of the worst offenders in dropping the ball, but now with the surgery, Idris is eager to play in the Bulldogs first trial against the Bulldogs in just 12 days.

“I’m coming into this season a lot fitter than last year,” he said.

“I’ve run my best times ever at training so everything is feeling good [and] my eyes are great. I’m 20/20 now and I’m seeing everything. I can’t wait to start playing.”

For Idris, he can already sense the rapid improvement in reaction time both at the Bulldogs, and across the board in the NRL.

“It would take a good five to 10 seconds [to know who it was before] and in footy that’s a lot of time,” Idris said. “Now I’ve got that extra time it will make a big difference.”

Bulldogs coach Kevin Moore says that a combination of the laser surgery, and his best off-season to date, will mean that Idris has his career best season.

“You would like to think it will make a difference, and certainly his handling will improve,” Moore said.

“He had some issues right through the season. His errors were up there with some of the highest in the game and you can certainly attribute that to his vision because he’s got good hands.”

Idris, who can play at both centre and in the second row, will perform in both positions throughout the trials, before coach Kevin Moore decides which position he wants the young star to play.

“He probably learnt a bit from the previous season where he came back a bit overweight,” said Moore.

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