The Cowboys officially have nothing to worry about in relation to the betting scandal, after they were cleared of any wrongdoing in light of the betting scandal which has already claimed one scalp in Ryan Tandy.

It comes as Cowboys five-eighth and captain Jonathon Thurston breaks his silence on the saga, with the Australian star remaining adamant that he had no involvement whatsoever.

“All I can comment on is myself and I know I’ve got nothing to worry about,” Thurston said yesterday. “I’m sweet. I’m not worried at all. I’m pretty confident none of our boys are involved in any of this betting stuff.”

It was expected that in light of Tandy’s arrest, that the NSW police would move their attention to the Cowboys and their orgnaisation, after Tandy was charged with providing police with false evidence.

Arthur Katsogiannis, the NSW Superintendent says that the Cowboys have nothing to worry about, unless fresh evidence was to come to the table in the future.

The Cowboys will be breathing a sign of relief, after their players were interviewed by police in relation to the betting scandal in October, as part of an investigation that has spanned for an incredible 5 months.

“We’ve already spoken to the Cowboys players and as far as I’m concerned that part of the inquiry is complete,” Supt Katsogiannis told The Courier-Mail.

“Of course, there may be further information that comes forward, but at this point in time the North Queensland aspect of the investigation is complete.”

For Thurston, he was inadvertently brought into the saga, following the house raid of his manager Sam Ayoub, who is believed to be a catalyst in the whole saga.

Ayoub, who ironically, is also the manager of Ryan Tandy, has denied any wrongdoing in the betting scandal. He did confirm that he placed a bet on the Cowboys scoring an early field goal, but claimed that it was an option that he bet on almost every week.

Thurston continued to maintain his innocence, and that he had never been contacted by NSW Police to speak to them about the betting scandal.

“I never spoke to the police. I wasn’t around [when NSW detectives flew north to interview Cowboys players] and they never asked to speak to me.

“If they have got anything on me, they can come and talk to me. They’d be wasting their time because I have nothing to hide.”

In relation to the allegations that are surrounding Thurston’s manager Sam Ayoub, Thurston said, “”It doesn’t faze me at all the stuff with Sam. He’s my manager and I trust him.”

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