He considered giving up on Rugby League after he was unceremoniously dumped to the NSW Cup where he stayed there for the entire year. Only a stern talk with Dragons coach Wayne Bennett convinced him to train and play harder, and stay on.

Adam Cuthbertson, who has not quite been the same player since his destructive ability off the bench in Manly’s 2008 premiership winning year, is looking to make amends.

In a bid to show the Dragons organisation and his new coach Wayne Bennett that he is 100% committed to the cause, he has shed 8 kilograms, and is playing on less money, after taking a pay-cut to sign with the Dragons.

Cuthbertson tipped the scales at precarious and unfit 113kg last season, but as the Dragons prepare for their Charity Shield contest with the Bunnies, Cuthbertson will tip the scales at 105kg.

Whilst the Dragons are yet to officially name their side for the match, Cuthbertson is believed to be high on the pecking order, as several players fight for the now vacant second-row spots following the departures of Jeremy Smith and Neville Costigan.

Despite being forced to take a massive pay-cut at the Dragons (Cuthbertson was on $220k last year whilst playing park footy), the second-rower says that he is enjoying himself more now then at any other time during his career, including his premiership winning season at Manly.

“I was on some good coin, but it did not stop be from staying with the Sharks,” Cuthbertson said.

“I wanted to go where I could be happy again. Money is all well and good, but at the end of the day, it is just money”.

“It was a tough year, but I’m a happier person now”.

“It is worth it to be able to go to training with a smile on your face”.

A quick phone call from Bennett was all that was needed for Cuthbertson to jump ship to Manly, as the chance to work under Wayne Bennett was too good to refuse.

With his weight loss, it now appears finite that Cuthbertson is putting in the hard yards, and serious about returning to top form.

“It was the move I should have made a while ago,” he said.

“I really did not enjoy last year, but I have learned from it”.

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