You certainly would not have thought that after his tumultuous 2010 that Tahu would be playing in the NRL again in 2011, but that is becoming a very real possibility, with the Parramatta Eels believed to be thinking about giving Tahu a life-line.

After Tahu requested additional time-off last year to recover from lingering problems that he was suffering from, the Eels have been sympathetic in their dealings with Tahu, and have supported him off the field since he requested additional time off.

Tahu’s management have been contacted by Eels officials, as they inquire about Tahu’s state and commitment levels before reaching any conclusion.

With the Eels having signed Chris Walker, Paul Whatuira , Jordan Atkins and the emerging Jacob Loko making his presence felt, some at the Eels still feel that the depth in the backs is short.

Tahu will only be given a second chance however, if he can adequately prove to Eels coach Stephen Kearney and the Eels organisation that he is both physically and mentally sound, as the Eels are keen to see Tahu once again reach his full potential.

It is believed that Tahu is considering the offer, though he is yet to formally comment on the issue, or his supposed problems, since he asked for additional time off.

”It would be good to see him play again; it would be a shame if his career ended this way,” a source close to Tahu said.

As a result, Tahu has some decisions to make, and it is only a matter of time before he comments on the whole situation.

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