They are one of the world’s biggest bands, and in what is a major coup for the NRL both now, and in the future, the NRL have pulled off their biggest advertising achievement yet with rockers Bon Jovi and their song  “This Is Our House” to be the NRL’s anthem for 2011.

Bon Jovi decided to licence their song “This Is Our House”  to the NRL, with the song already played around the world, and most recently in the NFL.

The agreement today from the NRL comes as a result of some careful planning over the last few months, as the NRL decided that the theme they were after had to capture the energy and excitement of the NRL in one song.

Persistent negotiations between the NRL and the band’s managers resulted in a three-year deal being agreed upon, and the NRL has been given exclusive rights to the song also.

“It is an exciting win for the game and a clear statement about the scale of year ahead,” National Rugby League Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop said.

“This is a watershed year for Rugby League in a number of ways and on the field the opportunities have never been more thrilling.  We can genuinely talk of sixteen teams going into the year believing they can win and the closeness of the competition breeds thrills at every turn.

“People are signing up to join their clubs in record numbers and boys and girls are signing up to play in record numbers. There is a real buzz in the air around the Harvey Norman Rugby League All Stars and the interest in the game has never been higher.”

Jon Bon Jovi himself has seen the passion for Rugby League fans, as he was adored by fans alike for wearing the jerseys of Souths and the Tigers presented to him by players alike, and he is pleased to be involved with the sport.

“Having led an American Arena League football team from inception to championship and as a lifelong sports fan, I know the intensity and dedication that goes into cheering on your team.

“We wrote ‘This Is Our House’ to be a sports anthem and ‘House’ has found a home in the US on the playing fields of the New York Rangers, the New England Patriots, and the NFL.

“This new partnership with the National Rugby League to bring the song to Australian Rugby League gives me great satisfaction. Having played countless stadium shows in your country, I know for a fact that your fans know a thing or two about marking your turf and staking your claim.”

The track will be heard by fans at all NRL venues, and it will feature in sixty-second commercials starting from the 2nd of March, and the song will also be integrated into many NRL activities.

“This is a great opportunity for the game,” NRL Director of Marketing and Commercial Paul Kind said today.

“Rugby League advertising has featured some amazing names from Tina Turner to Tom Jones and the Hoodoo Gurus and it has always looked for anthems that capture the game’s unrivalled passion and excitement  – ‘This Is Our House’ will do just that.

“Its chorus ‘This is our house, these are our people and this is our town’  captures the feelings of every fan at a home venue.

“It does so in a way that is a celebration of how people feel about their team rather than with any sense of hostility.  This song takes people on an emotional ride and that is what the Telstra premiership is all about.

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