He just does not have the luck, and has not had it for his entire career. Roosters second rower Anthony Cherrington has suffered another shocking season-ending injury with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury effectively ending his season.

The only difference between the two injuries (one sustained last year, and now this year), is that one was on his right knee, and the other, this year, on his left.

With Cherrington set to undergo scans on Monday, he already knows what he will be faced with.

“It’s definitely (hard to accept) because I’m starting a family this year and I was looking forward to starting a good career in football because I’ve been a bit shonky for the last two or three years,” the 22-year-old said after the match.

“I was hoping that this year the Gods might let me have a little bit of something, but it hasn’t and that’s life basically.

“I’m pretty gutted, but that’s life … It happens in football so we’ll get the surgery done and look forward to the next eight months of training.”

John Orchard, the Roosters doctor, said that the club had actually considered taking Cherrington off before he sustained the injury, but he stayed on.

“Unfortunately this is just football but it’s a bit of a tragedy because he copped a cork to his right (knee) and we were debating either to take him off but he said ‘I need to get back out there and get more footy’,” Orchard said.

Cherrington’s injury was a poor end to a game that resulted in a mountain of penalties for inc0rrect play-the-balls, and constant errors.

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