For Josh Morris, the thought of one day again playing with his brother goes into overdrive in his mind, and it just keeps on going and going.

Since he left the Dragons two seasons ago to join the Bulldogs, Josh Morris knows that it is inevitable, that a family reunion between the two, will eventually happen.

Despite all that however, and even with both his father Steve Morris, and brother Brett doing what they can to coax him into returning to the Dragons, right now, he is happy where he is.

With Josh set to re-sign for three years with the Bulldogs soon, it will be a while before we see the twins playing together again, and for both of them, they want the other to come and play for their current team.

“Obviously I’ve tried to poach him and I suppose Todd [Greenberg] and them knew he’d probably try and do the same to me,” Morris said.

After he was ruled out of the Four Nations due to off-season shoulder surgery, Josh Morris is set to play his first game since the surgery, in the trial against the Dragons at Wollongong.

The experience Morris has gained and will continue to gain as a part of the ‘Blues in Waiting squad’ is something that he will cherish, and he hopes that Origin is not too far around the corner again.

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