He started his career as one, he played Origin for NSW as one, and now, Jamal Idris wants to move back to the centres, and be known for his play there, rather than in the second row.

With Idris for now, playing in the second row, and fine with it for the time being, ultimately, he wants to be remembered for his time in the NRL as a centre and not a second-rower.

It was coach Kevin Moore that decided upon Idris’s move to the second-row, given his size, as well as the fact that at the time, the Bulldogs were struggling with injuries in their forwards.

Whilst he has been named in the second-row for this weeks trial, Idris is looking forward to seeing Andrew Ryan, Greeg Eastwood and Frank Pritchard all return, so that he can make the switch back to the centres.

Idris knows that his size has helped him in the forwards, but he is yet to get an indication from coach Kevin Moore as to where he will be playing come Rd 1.

“None at the moment, but whatever’s going to help the team. It’s a team sport, it’s not a personal sport,” Idris said.

“I’m looking at centres at the moment. I think we’ve got enough back-rows in front of me and they’re probably the best back-rows you can have in the NRL.

“I see it as a bonus for me to get to go back out to the centres. I’ve been training there all pre-season and I’m looking forward to it.

“I put my hand up and said fine, `I’ll give it (forwards) a crack,’ but I think at the moment it’s best for me to go back to the centres.”

Idris is also off-contract at the end of the season, and is eager to extend his contract with the Bulldogs.

“All I know is rugby league,” he said.

“When I was younger I played a bit of union for NSW … I was probably actually better at union than I was at league, but I love the NRL, that’s my sport – I’m a rugby league boy.”

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