He is a fan favourite, as well as a favourite with the kids, but the main plan for Anasta is to secure a new contract with the Sydney Roosters, and he can do so, by staying cool, and discussing the options with the club.

Whilst he no closer to a deal in 2011, he says that he will let his football do the talking, and is looking for another solid year.

Anasta believes that the drawn-out saga might hurt the Roosters early on in their season, but he says that the entire situation is out of his hands.

“I told them I’m the captain and there will be speculation; it’s not a position I want to be in or I’m comfortable with, but the rest of it is out of my control,” Anasta said.

“They want me to stay but I won’t be getting offered a contract for a couple of months.

“It’s about the salary cap and working out the [club’s] books – and whether they can offer me a contract, and how much that will be.

“I spoke with Nick [Politis]. There was a lot of garbage being written, a lot of speculation, but it is what it is.

“I’m not too worried. I’ll try to play out of my skin and secure a deal somewhere, ideally here.”

By ricky

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