When a team wins a premiership, players should generally have feelings of joy, excitement and elation. For Michael Greenfield however, it presented a chance for him to redeem himself for this season.

It presented a chance for Greenfield to curb his attitude, and focus on playing football with the Dragons, as his attitude was spiraling out of control, and threatening to end his league career.

Despite not playing too many games in 2010, Greenfield felt the euphoria of the club’s win, and he realised that given the strong line-up of the Dragons, he had to either change his attitude, or face a similar season with little footy.

Truth be told, for Greenfield, it has been injuries that have hampered him realising his true potential, but he knows that in part, he is to blame.

Despite this however, it was the move to the Dragons, to play under super-coach Wayne Bennett that changed everything for him, and it changed the way he wants to approach the game.

“I was a bit lazy and probably my attitude to training wasn’t where it should have been,” admitted Greenfield.

“I never missed training but in the fitness I used to struggle.

“I thought I was unfit and with a lot of fitness, half the battle is the mental part of it.

“Dieting wise and being able to push my body as hard as what it could go … it’s taken me a few years to mature in that area.”

Had Dragons fans wanted to see Greenfield in action, they would have only been able to do so by watching Shellharbour play in the NSW Cup, where Greenfield, knowing that he had to change, was playing his heart out, waiting to be noticed by Bennett.

It was the determination shown since his arrival that has seen him rewarded with the chance to travel with the Dragons team to the World Club Challenge against Wigan, and should he play, he plans to make the most of the opportunity.

After the success of the Dragons side, Greenfield realised that there was a mountain to climb, and

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