Coppa Italia, here is the second shot!!!

Fenice Belpasso wins the first Sicilian game .

In a really cold evening at the bases of volcano Etna, warmed by the special atmosphere created by the local club, it has been run the first historical sicilian match of the Coppa Italia a 13 2011. Under the direction of the marvelous referee trio Marco Suaria, Federico Re and Federico Dell’aria, both the Fenice and Briganti have played a good and engaging 13.

Belpasso, 16 february 2011: Fenice Vs Briganti 26-10

The final score of 26 – 10 for the local blu and yellow leaves still hopes for the Briganti, that will have the return match at home next 8th of March to play their chance for the final day in Rome on the 20th of March. Magri’s Belpasso pushed also by the crowd grounds 3 tries during the first half and 2 in the second. Bonaccorsi’s Briganti pass the line once by half but craze and bad luck do not permitt more tries to the Librino guys.

Belpasso’s players open the dances with Guglielmino Alessio at 3′ for the first 4 points, his mate Primitera transform. The Briganti’s reply arrives just 3 minuts later when Gennaro and Filetti level the score but between the 15′ and the 25′ Fenice conquer again points grounding two tries with Samperi and Laudani, transforming one they put the score forward of 10. The second half starts again with the Fenice Belpasso forward: three tries plus a transformation give the Magrì’s team on the 26-06, at half of the second the Briganti manage to shorten crossing the line for the 26-10 that will not change until the end.

Around 40 persons have challenged cold and darkness, one of them was Totò Trovato from the Catania Rugby, next opposer of Cus Catania. Massimo Nicotra, Spartans trainer and development officer of the 13 of Sicily had the possibility to see the first results of the work thatthe island is giving to the italian League. A thanks other than him must go to the staff of the catanese franchise, to the two challenging clubs and to all the guys that have the courage to match the game. Many thanks!!!

FENICE BELPASSO: 01 M.Condorelli, 02 S.Magrì, 03 G.Valadà, 04 A.Samperi,05 Alessio Guglielmino, 06 Adriano Guglielmino, 07 M.Consoli, 08 D.Laudani, 09 M.Lombardo, 10 J.Logiudice, 11 C.Garagozzo, C.Sagic, N.Privitera. Available: 14 O.Finocchiaro, 15 T.Magrì, 16 F.Russo, 17 A.Russo. Trainer Antonio Magrì

BRIGANTI LIBRINO XIII: 01 R.Gennaro, 02 G.Mastrotti, 03 A.Toscano, 04 G.Longo, 05 S.Corcuruto, 06 W.Vassallo, 07 A.Secofani, 08 S.Catania, 09 M.Minissale, 10 F.A.Filetti, 11 T.Caruffi, 12 D.Caruso, 13 F.Lombardo. Available: 14 D.Campo, 15 U.Bonaccorsi. Trainer Umberto Bonaccorsi

Referee: Marco Suaria. Touch judges: Federico Re, Federico dell’Aria

Score: pt. 3′ mt Alessio Guglielmino tr Privitera, 6′ mt Gennaro tr Filetti, 15′ mt Samperi, 25′ mt Laudani tr Privitera; st. 48′ mt Privitera, 15′ Russo tr Privitera, 20′ mt Caruso

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