He is the driving force behind the bid to have a team from Central Queensland in the NRL, and now, he is peeved to the max at all the other QLD bids that are emerging in the South Eastern part of the state.

Geoff Murphy, the chairman of the Central Queensland bid, spoke in light of the emergence of a second bid for a Brisbane team, and that the people of Central Queensland deserve a chance to prove their worth with their bid.

For the NRL, they will investigate the possibility of expansion during the mid-point of the season, with the new TV Rights deal expected to play a big part.

According to Murphy, if another team in Brisbane was added to the area, the area would become far too congested, and people would not know which team to support.

“Our CQ team will be popular, viable, successful and will unite our region as nothing has done in the past,” Murphy said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The NRL will be the primary beneficiary as the NRL will be expanded, not diluted.

“I am appalled at the way some southern Queenslanders think that they have a monopoly and virtual sole rights to implement their own plans at the expense of regional Queenslanders.

“This stockpiling of resources, facilities and straight-out living standards does not even consider fellow Queenslanders who have been loyal to rugby league and who have contributed so much to the wealth and well being of our state and nation for many decades.

“I am exasperated by this denial of natural justice.”

With their bid still not submitted, the CQ bid has been told by the NRL to have it ready for submission during the mid-point of the season.

With new Broncos coach Anthony Griffin supposedly high on the list of the CQ’s bid, Murphy is not willing to discuss future coaches or investors at this stage.

“When we make an announcement we will have the deal done, sealed and delivered for the good of the game and the people involved,” he said.

“We have been very honest and transparent to date and we intend to maintain this integrity.”

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