The Bulldogs have sacked former prop Ryan Tandy after his involvement with the NRL betting scandal, in which he has faces four charges of providing false or misleading evidence to the NSW Crime Commission, and in turn, his contract has been terminated.

The official Bulldogs release said the following:

“The purpose of the show cause hearing was to determine whether Mr Tandy had placed a bet in relation to the Bulldogs game against the Gold Coast Titans on June 18, 2010, in which he played for the club,” Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg said in the statement.

“Mr Tandy declined to answer the club’s question concerning this issue, based on legal advice.

“The club formed the view that it was untenable for Mr Tandy to remain employed by the club, and continue to be paid his salary, in circumstances where he was refusing to provide information about a matter that is wholly within his knowledge and relates to duties which he expressly owes to the club.

“It is important to note that the action taken by the Club today is distinct and separate from the serious criminal charges that Mr Tandy is facing.

“Mr Tandy is of course entitled to the presumption of innocence in relation to those charges.”

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