It is often hard for fans to get to the game on a Monday, but somehow, they continue to pull off the numbers. It is often hard for them to watch it at home, but yet, it is the highest-rating NRL game of the week.

Now, there are plans for it to be scrapped, as teams are apparently sick and tired of having to play on Mondays, as they would much rather play on other days.

As a result, the NRL is seriously considering scrapping the game altogether, after receiving a multitude of complaints from several teams.

It would be a move that would please teams, with many wanting a Sunday twilight game, and for Souths CEO Shane Richardson, the only way teams would agree to retain Monday Night Football, is if they received compensation for it.

“I don’t care where they move it to on the weekend, as long as it’s not Monday,” Richardson said.

“Fans hate it. Clubs hate it across the board. Sponsors hate it. It is a financial disaster for us. Clubs are incredibly dissatisfied. We’re all fed-up on Monday night.

“It’s a disgrace that Fox Sports gets the third pick of the matches anyway and puts an absolute blockbuster like last week on a Monday night.”

What is perhaps a main sticking point in scrapping Monday Night Football, is that it is a proven ratings winner for Fox Sports, with 39 of the top 50 programs on Australian Pay TV being Monday Night Football.

Whilst NRL Chief Executive said that the next TV Rights deal would take a hit if Monday Night Football was scrapped, he also says that it is a strong option that it will be.

Despite all this talk however, Gallop can see the next TV Rights deal as being lucrative for rival networks.

“It’s certainly a very attractive TV product,” Gallop said of Monday night matches.

“Next time we do a deal we need to value Monday night footy and say ‘is it worth it’?

“We’re doing some work at the moment to assess the value of that and weighing that up with the impact that it has on home crowds.

“There’s no doubt Monday night has worked really well on television, so it’s clearly going to have a bearing on our rights fee.”

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