In light of a controversial try scored by Sharks centre Ben Pomeroy last week, the video ref system has been overhauled, in time for this weeks clashes.

Both Stuart Raper and Bill Harrigan, wanted to analyse certain issues with the system, following the controversial try awarded to Pomeroy, with many in doubt as to whether or not Pomeroy had actually grounded the ball.

For Harrigan, he believes that sometimes, the slower frames used in replays are actually more of a hindrance in making decisions, then being a helpful way to make decisions.

TV Stations however can continue to use all forms of replays that are available, with permission from the league to do so.

The issue has been discussed  by Harrigan with NRL Director of Football Operations Nathan McGuirk, and they decided that video refs have the option to ignore the freeze-frame replays, when making their decisions.

”I sat down with Stuart Raper and our assistant coach, Russell Smith, to discuss the try from Monday night and the policy we’ve got in place, and whether we need to refine the system and what the ramifications would be if we did,” Harrigan said

”After that, I spoke to Nathan McGuirk, and we have decided that video refs, if they think it’s best, can judge whether a try has been scored purely on normal speed and slow-motion replays and not take the stop-frames into account, even if they are shown.

”In some circumstances, such as when a foot is going close to a line or the ball is going close to a line as a player gets a hand to it, the stop-frames will be a big help, but in circumstances like the try on Monday night it can cloud the issue of whether a try has been scored.”

McGuirk says that the freeze-frame can be, at times, “misleading”, adding: ”The video refs will be able to make decisions based on all of the replays, or just the ones that they consider applicable to that particular case. That should make the decision-making process better.”

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