It is no secret that Darius Boyd has a stipulation in his contract that says ‘Wherever Wayne Bennett goes, then Darius Boyd can follow him, if he chooses to’.

This seems to be the case, with Boyd providing the biggest indication yet that he will follow Bennett to whichever club the master-coach goes to, most likely the Broncos.

For Boyd, Bennett is his idol and he does not want to play for any other club, unless Bennett is there.

“I want to do what he wants to do, wherever he goes, I want to keep playing under him,” Boyd said.

“I would love to eventually get home,” Boyd said.

Whilst he is reluctant to play in the vacant five-eighth position that will be at the Broncos following Darren Lockyer’s retirement, he will not rule out the possibility of playing there entirely.

“I played [five-eighth] in the Charity Shield,” Boyd said.

“I really enjoyed it. I’ve really enjoyed my time at fullback and I really think it’s my best position.

“While I’ve had fun at five-eighth, it’s a pretty big role. I wouldn’t really want to be playing it, especially after the best player in the world has played that position. I’d never say no if all the cards went that way, [but] I do like fullback.”

For Darius Boyd, the relationship that he has with Wayne Bennett is almost like a father-son relationship, given that Boyd never knew his real father.

“I did not meet my dad,” he says. His mother guided him through life until he was 15, when things became unsettled for her.

“I had a pretty normal childhood,” Boyd says.

“I was always with my mum. She was great for me in those years, she did a really good job.

“But my mum, I don’t want to talk about it too much, she just, she became mentally unwell.”

As a result, Boyd was forced to live with his grandmother on the Gold Coast during Year 12.

“She’s been there the last eight or so years, she’s been my No 1 support. It’s hard for her, she’s by herself.”

To this day, she remains one of the most important people in Darius’s life.

“She is my only family member … I couldn’t expect other people to look after me.”

Given that the bond between Bennett and Boyd has grown over the years, it was during 2009 when life was becoming tougher for Boyd.

“It was being away from home,” Boyd says. “I didn’t want to be at training, I was pretty depressed.

For Bennett, he was immediately concerned about one of his star players in Boyd, and he said: “Are you OK? Do you need to talk?”

“Straight away I became upset,” Boyd says. “He just knew I wasn’t my usual self. He just knew I wasn’t on. To be able to pick that.

“I definitely needed to talk. I am not one to talk about things. I’m pretty quiet. He’s pretty easy to talk to once he asks you.”

“To be able to talk to someone I thought was pretty awesome.”
“I take my footy very seriously, when I don’t play the best games, I take it to heart, and when things combine. It got a bit much being away from home – just everything – it all added up together.”

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