When you think of a family pet, namely, a dog, you imagine that it is a loving creature, and one that fun times can be had with. Whilst this is mostly for the case, for Eels hooker Matt Keating, he is no doubt disappointed that it is his dog, that has ruled him out for at least a month.

Whilst playing with his dog, as you do, with brother and Bulldogs five-eighth Kris Keating, the incident happened – whereby his dog, bit him on the finger, resulting in a breakage, that now requires surgery.

“We were mucking around and wrestling when I fell over and took his weight with me and got my finger caught in his mouth,” said Keating.

“My partner Sarah took me to my local hospital and I realised I’d done some decent damage, so I consulted the club doctor Steve McNamara and head trainer Craig Catterick. I stayed in hospital overnight and had surgery today and the good news is there’ll be no lasting problems.

“It’s just one of those things that can happen; we were just mucking around.”

By ricky

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